BID Project | Music

When I first recorded my video as I was editing I thought that as there was a live singer at my event it would be a good idea to use her music over the video I did record her singing yet there was too much background noise to use as just a song and even to be as a video. I emailed her a while ago however only received a reply on Monday to say I could use their music but I am still waiting on getting an audio file sent over even though the deadline is tomorrow I am still going to do this as I think especially for the business they may feel it enhances the video more having the singer they use as it makes more sense to put her music over it rather than a random song. This may not be the case, however, I don’t think its too much to do to the video therefore whenever I receive the audio I will upload it to Youtube to send to my company and the singer to see what their feedback is.


BID Project | Music Choices


I looked on Youtube at a channel called Audio Library – No Copyright Music they are verified and have a massive selection of music to choose from as I did afternoon tea the playlists relax related to me most I also looked into a chill playlist some of these where okay, however, some didn’t really suit as they where too upbeat for my video or too slow I found one song which I liked a lot as it wasn’t too fast or too slow. This is linked below Light Foot isn’t a typical song to put over an afternoon tea video but I didn’t want something that everyone had already heard.


After putting this into my video on After Effects it fits perfectly and enhances the video a lot and doesn’t just have a sudden cut off which is what I didn’t want. Overall this has helped enhance my video and make it more interesting.

Ending | BID Project


Throughout my project, I have seen how patterns are a major thing within Oh Me Oh My because of the way I decided to film my video I felt that it didn’t massively fit to put patterns in everywhere however, I did put one in quite subtly and its shown on the mat at the start of the video and also while the singer is performing you can see the patterns behind her.

I’ve wanted to use the patterns throughout the video but I just couldn’t work out a way which that fit not just the video but what the business wanted as I seen them as quite professional and clean cut for there advertisements.

I did this ending as I needed to put the details I just didn’t want to put them on a white page with black centred text and think that this was okay to end as this is boring and would just let the rest of my video down.

After looking on Pinterest I came across this


I had the idea to make something like this move and have the patterns Oh Me Oh My use as well as adding in their contact information.

I completed this in Photoshop doing it as a gif, however, I had to duplicate each layer so that it could lead in to the next one to create  this type of effect after manipulating it until I liked it I then went into After Effects where I added the patterns I did at first want them to move but that seemed quite complicated and time-consuming as well as I figured keeping it simple was the way to go.


This is is the clip I created to go at the end of my video.

BID Project | After Effects


Through working on this project I have used a software which I have used before but only to put a video together. I’m not experienced in After Effects as it is such a complex software I have found this project challenging but rewarding. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in After effects however from using only after effects and watching some tutorials on youtube as well as Tom’s taught sessions I have been able to see that you can use After Effects quite simply but also get a professional outcome from it.

Some of the most useful things which made the quality better was putting a warp stabiliser VFX onto my video as I couldn’t really use the tripod I had because people where walking by it may have damaged my camera or someone would of fell or it would’ve been in the way of people working also the business didn’t want me to effect the customers day therefore I had to just do it free hand in order to respect their wishes. Although I kept some of it stable this effect still helped me with getting rid of some of the shakiness and overall have a better clip to work with,

I also learnt how to blur the background slightly so I could overlay text onto it as well as this just playing around with the effects panel and seeing how I could animate my text really helped my video come to life a little bit more giving it fluidity,

From doing this project I have also learnt how to put videos together and how important it is to consider what your shooting as you could have amazing footage however it might not fit into the video or it might not be the style and having to work to what the business wants rather than just have full control of my project gave me an idea of future work and how it will be to work with clients as well as also learning how to communicate professionally through email as in future I have to have a professional image and be able to communicate professionally.

Overall I would like to work in After Effects again as it was challenging but learning the software was hard at times but its also important. If I did work in After Effects again I’d rather do something completely different to broaden my skill range and get to know the software further.

BID Project |Constraints

I Have recorded all of my footage for Oh Me Oh My however I can’t shoot the building outside in the way I would’ve wanted as the building is so big but the pathway is small and the road its by has a lot of traffic at all times of the day therefore  I have two simple shots which I will include in my video but this isn’t the most ideal situation.

If I was able to shoot the way I wanted to the idea would of been a wide shot of the building and then close ups as its so detailed and quick showing important parts of the building however this just won’t work unless I had the use of a ladder as even getting a shot of the logo on the windows was quite hard since there so high up. If I did use such equipment I would have to take into concern health and safety and as this is a public pathway I couldn’t do it without having someone else there and I don’t have time to do that as well as making sure the area was safe to be able to film.

I now have two shots of the building one from the back and one from the front I decided a lot of promotional videos do just shoot the front and then do some close ups but seen as this couldn’t really happen and look professional the back shot shows first and then goes onto the front, Keeping my video simple but effective

BID Project | Basic Camera Movements


Tomorrow I go to record my promotional video I know in my head what the end product will look like however little tiny things make a difference. One of my ideas needs to consider camera movement therefore I watched this quick video on how to move a camera very basic but helpful as I got to see how I should move the camera in order to get the panning perfect.