Scanner work.

full colour

I created this picture by ripping pictures out of a magazine and sticking them down on the page to create a collage, i took this to the printer and then changed things about it for example i changed the colouring to black and blue to see what it would look like.

black and white I created this picture by putting my original collage into the scanner and selecting reverse this made it black and white i like the top half but the bottom is light greys if i could change anything I would want the bottom to stand out as much as the top.
blue and black
Out of all the pictures I made this one is my favourite I think the use of blue and black were distributed well and makes it bold. I really like how in the corner the girls lips have been turned blue.

pink background

I put this pink background on my collage to see what it looked like as I was experimenting using the printer this created the image above.


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