Art Movements and formal elements

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 13.48.46
I like fauvism because I like the use of bright colours, I like the way they all mix together and blend. I think there’s a lot of detail used to create these pictures using fauvism but they don’t have to be fully clear e.g. Top right second picture. I can see this isn’t clear but I can tell that this is a girl.

Formal elements

Lines are important because they lead the viewers eye to the point of interest, these are important because they create a form to the picture and if a picture didn’t have form there would be no texture or pattern.

Shape is important because it shows identification. For a shape to be most successful it should be frontlit or backlit. If a picture has strong contrast and surroundings then this will make the shape visible.

 Form is a three dimensional shape and is normally shown best when the picture is taken from side on so that light casts and shadows are shown on the object which highlight the meaning of the object for the picture.

Texture is important as it is the element that will make you feel a certain way for a picture the best way to show texture is through light. Depending on the time of day

pattern is important as it can do two things; one of them is emphasise a photo filling a frame with something this could e a brick wall or people this is to frame the pattern. It can also break this will break the flow of something or it can make an object stand out rule of thirds comes in handy when in this situation.

colour is important as red, blue and yellow are the three primary colours. There is then secondary colours such as green or orange. colours can complement each other such as warm colours red orange and yellow or cool colours like blue, violet and green. Used in different situations for example cool colours used for snow, rain etc.


action painting  I like the idea of this because the picture will never be perfect it doesn’t have to be its a style that I would like to use because being precise with things isn’t always what people want I like how its messy and it uses a variety of colours.

art deco

I like art deco because its used a lot especially in buildings I think its good how you could fold  the picture you had in hald and it would be the same as the other I think this is a more concentrated art movement and would take more time to do but no matter what pattern you would create it would still give you good results.


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