Magazine Covers Then & Now


Vogue is one of the most popular magazines to ever be created it was first published in 1892 and is still today being published many things have changed since the first release. The focus of the magazine is fashion which is always changing however the front cover hasn’t changed much.

In both of the covers we can see they are both placed in the middle but the woman on the left less of her body is shown where as on the right Beyonce has shown near enough hear whole body and is showing skin.

There is very little writing on the left cover of vogue but on the right it is surrounded this is because now days people want to know what their reading also the writing used is in colour and is bigger than the writing on the left which is in black and is only small.

The vogue logo has never changed the only thing is the colour varies as each magazine goes along but the style of the writing doesn’t change.



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