Branding Guidelines: Final Publication.

To create my booklet I used two softwares which where Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. When I finished I used ISSUU to publish it, this is a digital publishing platform for anyone who wants to publish magazines etc.

Adobe Illustrator helped me created my front and back cover of my branding book as it was easier to do on illustrator and I could transfer it to Adobe InDesign because Adobe InDesign works within illustrator.

Adobe InDesign was appropriate for me to create my brand guidelines book as I could create columns, insert text and it allowed me to use pictures around text if I needed to without hiding text. It also helped me as I could add pages either single or joined so this created what I wanted my book to look like.

To publish my book I saved my file as a PDF and uploaded it to ISSUU this means that anyone can view this.

When creating my Twitter Brand Guidelines book my logo was a sub logo I searched twitter brand guidelines and I followed the rules of what they used and incorporated it into my work..


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