Type tool.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 14.03.40

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 14.12.01Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 14.29.41

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 14.35.55

I learnt how to use the type tool in more detail I typed my name multiple times in different fonts and used kerning between two characters and tracking between selected characters, which changed the way my writing had been first layed out e.g. the spacing got bigger. 

I then wanted to edit my text on it’s own to do this I right clicked and created an outline so that I could move my lettering on its own e.g. the ‘L.’ By creating an outline I could also edit each letter alone for example I wanted my ‘K’ to be much bigger and stand out from the rest but using caps lock didn’t give me the effect I wanted.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 16.38.30 

I decided to do more text using Adobe Illustrator to create my own text. I don’t think this is the best design and I would try and do other designs so I learnt how to use the software more and get a design that I wanted.


One thought on “Type tool.

  1. Watch out for lowercase ‘i’. Read through and try to restructure the first paragraph, maybe look at creating a new paragraph when you discuss editing further. For example ‘I then right clicked…’


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