Terminology used in Layout Design


We worked in a group to create a layout design, Me, Izzy, Megan and Helena decided to all take a word and find the definition, once we did this we created a fun and different way to show all the ways of layout design through a poster. For example: we did columns and used the example of a magazine and then put the definition to show that this was the columns section

I also did my own independent research  by looking through a magazine I found some examples of Layout used most of these were simple but shows me how in magazines they can be used.


Headline and a caption below itIMG_5391.JPG

Quote: within the layout something the artist has said has been enlarged with the use of colour black & red.


 I love this page it shows a headline scattered across the page a different size smaller to larger as you get further down the page there is also centred type in upper case black & white text in the top right corner. Also the bottom left you can see a caption explaining the photo.

IMG_5411.JPGI also found bullet points within the magazine 

These where some I found just from quickly looking through one magazine, I could look through another magazine and see what shows up in there. This helped me see how different elements can be used in Layout design and how easy they are to spot while looking through.


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