Creative Type Research

Ink and water don't mix...but when they do it looks pretty cool! The font is Linotype Didot Bold and the designer is Craig Ward. #typography #poster

An art print by Three of The Possessed, they cut the words and have them sliding down diagonally making this interesting to readAre you talking to me? by Jaime GonzalezAnother example of text creating an image.

I did research on creative type each one of these is unique I created a board on pinterest of what I found and these where my favourites. These are creative because of the way they have been created for example I love how the word ‘GENT’  was done vertically and there is no leading so it created a body the ‘T’ also is split in half so the person who created this added feet in Another design that I found is ‘LOVE WILL TEAR US APART.’  the kerning is spaced so that you can clearly read what it says but because the page is torn in half some of the tracking within the letters is closer than others. 


I like this design because it is bold but has a looseness to it, I think that even if you used this writing in text it would still be readable but I would most likely only use it for one letter in the word as it could look too overdone, I like this design as it was easy to do but still looks fun and professional. 


I did a page full of different types of creative type this was so i could see a variation of what I like and didn’t like as much on a page I annotated my favourite designs but all of the designs have a different creative aspect to them for example the ‘R’ has been made so it looks like a child is holding a balloon which created the shape of the R, Also the ‘Gravity’ design is as if the a and the v are falling. The deign I wouldn’t use is the ‘Negative space’ because although its readable its awkward to do and some letters made not be as readable as others for example I can only just about see the ‘s’ but I can read the ‘e’ fine.

IMG_4646-1.JPGThis creative type is loose compared to my other design i like it because it’s different but was easy to do. I wanted to do this because I didn’t have to be perfect with the way i did it and it didn’t have to look the same as the original. My design is different as its got more wriggly lines and the original has more curved endings. The only thing I don’t like about this design is that if it was used to create a word it would be awkward to read and doesn’t look as professional as my first design.

I like all three of these designs because they give me good examples and differences of creative type I liked doing this project as it was different to be able to draw instead of using the apple macs to create something. 




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