Digital illustration

My first example of digital illustration is this picture of Johnny Depp which I found on pinterest:I like this picture because Johnny Depp is a well known actor and this shows the transformation of his face when each character changes. This picture will have been done digitally with each part of his face needed being taken and edited to make this photo.

My second example is of a book I have Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I personally like this illustration as I think it was hand drawn and then added colour digitally. I like how this picture shows the story and how both of the faces have been made to look scared and ready to fight (using magic). The warm colours represent a fight not only in the background but also the determination in their faces Creating a powerful atmosphere.


Both of these pictures are different to each other but I like them both because they represent a further story even in the first one as it’s showing a strip to one individual character representing them. I also like how detail is used throughout both of them. Although both of these pictures are good my favourite is the Johnny Depp inspired character as it’s different from most pictures and I like how even though I can’t see Johnny Depp’s normal face I still know who it is because he is such a well known actor who has been in popular films.

bear1na:  Long Tail Creature (30 minute sketch) by Goro Fujita

I purposely independently researched the work of Goro Fujita.I like this photo because the colour contrasts well together it’s also fun and grabbed my attention while looking for someone’s work. I would have liked to of seen this before it was digitally made but this is clever and would be aimed to children I liked his work so I searched him more I found his facebook page  which linked me to his work in his photos.

While looking through his work I also found this:

This picture of two dolphins is perfectly captured The detail and the colours used go together perfectly The colours are cold but the white has been manipulated to look like light and water creating warmth.

In conclusion to Goro Fujita’s work looking through his page he likes to use mostly cool colours but does mix in-between he also uses animals or toys in most of his illustrations. His work is a realistic image edited to capture a different look to it the digital manipulation is what makes his final piece look the way it does e.g. the light added into most of his pictures makes it look like its a photo that’s been taken.


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