Typographic terminology and Conventions

typography | finally an examination for those of you who say "font"


This poster which I found on Pinterest explains all of the typography that should be taken into consideration when presenting my final concept. 


Typeface is  characters,such as  letters, numbers, and punctuation.

Font is how typefaces are displayed.

Point is the size of font this allows you to change the size of your text.

Pica measures the lines of text six picas are equal to one inch.

Baseline: is a line which isn’t seen what characters sit on.

X-Height is the distance between the mean line and the baseline.

Tracking Kerning and Letter spacing is the distance of characters being controlled by these three things. Tracking is used to adjust between characters equally for all of the words. Kerning reduces the space between characters. Letter spacing is the space within characters.

Leading is the distance between the lines of text which is measured in points.

Alternates this is when a character will stay in the same font but the shape will be changed.

Anti-Allasing This is when the edge of a font is blurred to soften the look of  bitmapped type.

Brackets are a curved wedge connection between the stem and serif of some fonts.

Cap height is the height from the baseline to the top of the uppercase letters

Italic: this will take a type from a basic shape and slant it slightly but this is mostly used to emphasise certain pieces of text.


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