Conventions & Terminology in Layout Design

Elements I should take into consideration when planning my layout design: Running head, Credits, Headline, Kicker, Image Caption, Folio, Pull Quote, Body Copy, Subheads & Byline.

 magazine-design-page-elements This is where I found this picture the website explains in more detail what each of them are.

Terminology which is used in layout design is:

Bleed is when the running of a colour or a photo goes through the external margin off the page.

Bullet: this is when a dot is used to bring attention to something or to start off a list.

Byline identifies the writer of a story.

Caption: This will be placed next to a photo to explain an image.

Deck is one level of headline

Fold: The middle of a page where the magazine, newspaper etc would be folded.

Folio: page number

Gutter: The white space which separates columns and facing pages.

Headline: The title used bigger and bolder than anything else on the page to grab the readers attention.

Initial cap: A large capital letter which is used for the opening word in magazine, newspaper etc.

Margins: Margins are used so things don’t go off off the page e.g. a picture or text this helps as a guideline.

Pull Quote: A quote which the person being interviewed or has been used in a story is arranged as a graphic for the layout.

Standing head:  A headline for a regular feature in each issue of a publication.


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