Evaluation: Typographic design


 Typographic design can be used in many different ways one of the ways its used is a manogram this is where a collection of letters is joined to make it look like one but is one word I found this example of JFK on pinterest, I used it as the simple black and white shows how the letters are made to look as if they where one.



Another typographic design is to communicate through logo’s I like this picture than I found on pinterest which says ‘cycling’ because they have made the ‘C,Y and C’ joined and made a bike out of it this is a good idea as the message is to communicate cycling and the logo has been cleverly designed to put the message across

You can also use branding to show typographic design this is for most businesses popular ones could the Facebook, Twitter logo. I used Pinterest for my example. Popular companies will only use pacific things such as a specific type or use of colours as it makes them more recognised. For example if Twitter where to change the colour they used to Red no one would recognise it because the colours they use are Blue and White.



Posters are a popular way of showing typographic design there are two ways of showing this one is by putting text over and image or using text to create an image. When type is used to create a Poster the words will be related to what the poster is about. In my poster of Albert Einstein words which highlight who he is are larger and easier to see but words which still relate to him 
are smaller this is because it makes the person looking at the poster know who they are.

eea2a5b7a002e4ce68bbe56d41c6e3dbDigital media can also be used to show Typographic design this is when a picture is done digitally I used a design which someone has created digitally and has used words to create the picture. The colours are simple and a face has been made by the placing of the words .



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