Digital Illustration

I have used a variation of software’s in order to help me with my brief. Adobe Illustrator has helped me design my text and font needed by using the text tool and pen tool I  have been able to design my text. This software is also going to help me when it comes to placing a background on my final text.
I am also going to  also used Adobe Photoshop which allow me to edit any photos that need editing and will also help me if I want to use my text within a picture, which I could then place into Adobe InDesign this is useful for when I create my zine.
Finally, I will use Adobe InDesign I like this as it works within Adobe Illustrator but allows me to set up margins, Columns, text. I like this software as I can use placeholder text to see what my text will look like in a box I can also add a shape took and place it for example in the middle of my text and it will show me how my text will then look without hiding or removing any words. This is going to show what my text looks like compared to a normal font and how big my point size should be in order for my design to be legible and for my detail to be seen.


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