New York,New York


This is primary research for my unit 2 project. These are some photos that I took of the New York skyline and freedom tower this has helped me when coming to produce my final piece as I am showing skylines before & after construction while using traditional methods to experiment in how I want my final piece to look. All of my work will be shown finally in my sketchbook.

These pictures have helped me because I drew the skyline of New York now, The picture was a good example to draw because it was in August and if any construction has taken place it wouldn’t have changed the view of the skyline at all or only a little. Also because the photo was quite up to date this would mean the skyline was accurately drawn from. The pictures of the freedom tower where good to show because this is the new building which has replaced one of the twin towers and has made a big difference to the New York skyline in 2014 compared to 2000; and is the biggest comparison to the two drawings.


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