Valeriya Kutsan- Magazine Front Cover Inspiration.


‘2D or Not 2D’ by photographer Alexander Khokhlov, make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan, and photo retoucher Veronica Ershova.

While on pinterest I found an artist called Valeriya Kutsan who is a make up artist, I liked her work as she is creative this has also given me ideas of how I can show my work I could paint someone and then photograph them or I could take a photo of someone and then traditionally add watercolour to it on one half and on the other half do it digitally to create my magazine front cover.  

Even though she isn’t a photographer I like how this shows Make up artists are also important in portraying someone or something and how it can make a big effect on how someone looks. Although she has painted onto the woman physically I think this photo has been taken and digitally manipulated so the work looks more computerised and if its been put onto the woman instead of drawn on also to add certain highlights and shadows to emphasise certain features. 


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