Secondary Research Toronto Skyline.

 The most noticeable part of the Toronto skyline is the Toronto CN tower it is 181 stories and 553 metres high(1,815.4 ft)  it was built in 1976 and had a record for being the tallest free-standing structure for 34 until the  Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower was built in 2010. The CN tower is one of Canada’s biggest symbols.

CN stands for Canada’s National this is because it was built on former railway lands by the former railway owners, but in 1995 transferred the tower to the Canada Lands Company, a company which did real estate development. 

FOUNDATION: The base of the tower floats on bedrock more than 12 metres below ground. The tower is stable because it is so massive and heavy and its centre of gravity is low — less than 61 metres from the ground.

Construction of the CN tower began February 6th 1973 the anchors were built to last at least 300 years and so that the structure of the building couldn’t fall down but had to be taken down for example if there was corruption and there was no engineering solution to it the building would have to be taken down, the reason for this is the architect said would take a 1,600 km/H  to make the tower come down 

I found an image on google images of the Toronto skyline showing the difference from 1998-2012 you can swipe across the image and it shows you the difference and how you can see what construction has taken place over Toronto skyline 1998-2012.


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