Unit 2 Final Piece.

final piece christie1

This is my final piece which I have independantly done using two pieces of my work and merging them together using photoshop. For my final image I used the colour theme of yellow mainly, i then used Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink for splatting the paint onto the page and then adding water to bleed the colours together, I still wanted both my pieces to be distinctive and be similar so you could tell that both of the pieces where separate to start with, This is the reason I have used different colour to fill in the New York skyline and left the Toronto skyline in yellow. To merge these two images together using photoshop I firstly set up my page so that it would print A2 (59.41cmx42.02) canvas size. I then used file open and found boy my images and imported them I then held shift and resized it so that it fit half the page. Once both my images where placed so it fit I used the patch tool to fill in white parts and also in the middle of my picture to start to make it look although it was one image. When I was happy with this I used the smudge tool to mix my image more once this was done I used the blur tool so the patch tool didn’t look as heavy I then saved this image as a JPEG and sent it to be printed off A2.


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