Screen Printing Process

The first video consists of screen printing being produced in a studio whereas the second video shows screen printing being done at home; Even though the second video isn’t as professional as the first I think it showed more of the process and I understood how screen printing is done more. The first video would have been quicker to do as because its in a studio more screens will be set up but in the second video you would have to change the screen manually rather than rotate the machine to use another one. How many screens are used depends on the amount of colour in the T-shirt for example in the second video the colours are blue and yellow, because of this two screens are used so that the colours can print onto the T-shirt. I can also see how the in the first video Adobe InDesign is used for printing but in the second video Adobe Illustrator is used. Also in both videos the exposure is different I think that this is because the second video is a natural process using sunlight The screen is exposed outside for around 5 minutes, but in the second video a machine is used for three minutes and then the screen can be used.  I think that doing the screen printing process it would use mostly digital work otherwise it would be an illustration done traditionally, scanned in and then taken and manipulated digital so that there was an outline and then it could be coloured digitally so it could then be screen printed. In both designs different paper is used to print the designs in the first design waterproof film is used and in the second video tracing paper is used but printed twice and then and pasted together using sellotape so the image looks darker for when screen printing is going to take place, This will then make the image stronger in colour and will be more effective showing on the screen ready to be printed onto T-shirts.


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