London Fashion Week: Street Style

I looked at different images I focused a lot on colours to see what was in fashion for spring.


The first image the colours the woman is wearing is Strawberry Ice and white.


Black and white stripes where also something I seen in images while looking at London Fashion Week.


On T-shirts many women were wearing Toasted Almond but had a slight bit of yellow in to make it less skin like. I wouldn’t use this for my designs as I don’t think the colour would work on only two colour T-shirts.


Many people were wearing Prints usually with something plain,but most had completely vibrant colours to show the part of the outfit, although I like this style it was mostly seen on jackets rather than T-shirts.


A style that I kept on seeing was stripes but black and white stripes always worked well, and could be used for T-shirts.


I could also see a lot of reds, and some plaid clothing. I wouldn’t use this on T-shirt designs because I don’t think they would be a successful design that could be uniquely created and call my own.


A colour which I have seen in shops and during London Fashion Week is Woodbine, I like this colour on things like button up shirts rather than normal T-shirts as it’d look cheap if it was plain but it could work if it was a pattern T-shirt.


I also seen a colour which is always seen black and white, This will always work no matter what clothes you want to use it on especially T-shirts. You can use the colours with type, patterns, vectors and screen printing


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