Christopher Lovell

While on Pinterest I was looking at mythical creatures as I wanted inspiration for my unit 1 and 4 project I found a picture which also had an artist on this lead me to Christopher Lovell’s website he has a lot of different work based on mythical creatures and his work is proffessional this is some of his work:9fd10a1a0d3bd31a4b80ca04cc7966a3 28e296665cecf7e4894da0e3cb6ba520 f0fb095f9e331032eab1bbb94e2632e9This is just three pieces of his work I think that his type of work is aimed at adults from 16+ most of his work was black and white but he had some pieces which included colour I think he uses traditional media such as pencil and biro and then he takes his work digital, This relates to my brief as mythical creatures is.

The project it also shows the graphical outcome of his work by using digital software such as Adobe Photoshop to complete his work and enhance and define it more Christopher Lovell has also done artwork for T-shirts this also has a graphical outcome because his work would have been screen printed or heat pressed to get his designs transferred onto the T-shirt to then be sold.


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