Fashion | Now

Fashion Show with Google from Robbin Waldemar on Vimeo.

I found this video while on vimeo it doesn’t necessarily show trends but I thought it was a creative way of showing fashion.

Street Fashion Photography – Behind the Scenes with Nick Fancher from Andy Newman on Vimeo.

I found another video on pinterest showing the day of a street fashion photographer, I liked this because the clothes looked good but also as when if I’m going to take photographs for my book it gives me a better understanding on how they could be taken as I can see how natural lighting is used and also studio lights in the video.

FASHION & DANCE // DENNIS JAUCH // KPI Event from KPI on Vimeo.

This was the longest video that I found and the weirdest but I somehow liked how they where showing fashion some of the parts where a little to long so I skipped them onto the next part so that I could see the outfits, Most of the fashion was in trend now but I did see 70’s style but it had been re-created so it fit in now.


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