Fashion | Simple & Creative

Rita ora’s collection for Adidas has patterns in it that I like she doesn’t have designs that I’d wear but I think this shows fashion and how creative it can be, This will help me in FMP as for the idea of new beginnings I want people to think of fashion in a different way and how it will be seen 10 years from now, the differences and why but I want to be able to make people who read it throughout the book be able to picture it themselves

I went on to H&M’s youtube and found two videos that I liked they where short and simple and showed style that is more likely to be seen being worn on the high street rather than outfits like Rita Ora’s collection which are more daring because of the creativity that is in them.

Denim is another fashion trend that can be worn in so many ways and this short video filmed in New York showing street style shows the different ways that it can be worn I liked most of these looks and it will also help me during FMP to know about denim as its a trend that comes and goes out of style every so often that its always being updated in how its being worn.


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