Fashion | Through Images

1930’s Style was simple mid length skirt and neck would either be covered or slightly on show.7b12530e0f54d8c0dfadb19ac4a22a441940’s style varies but in many of the images that i seen on interest Women had high waisted pants on and button up shirts. 73b3326f6861ddb870e68f8ddd37df6e1950’s had dresses and skirts which where mid length they where quite dramatic and over the top, as for the top half of the dress the shirt would either be buttoned up or one or two buttons open so part of a woman’s neck could be seen.c42025a2cdc3761314e9cb43ee11944d

1960’s style a shorter style of dress came into fashion which showed off women’s body’s more as the dress fit to the body showing a woman’s shape.c20a44f00078aa5cffcd5d20490112f6 1970’s style was long skirts with patterns which made the style have a hippy look bright colours and patterns came in to trend in this era.


1980’s patterns stayed in trend and style changed quite a lot from the 1970’s more outfits which where different and unique started being worn more with celebrities such as Madonna influencing what was being worn. Another trend that began was that people began wearing over sized jackets with their outfits, I think out of every era I have shown this is one of the most unique and the biggest change has been made in the way clothes are being worn.f9e20de68b0f09fb09f356dab792d0f41990’s style was mini skirts mostly with patterns on them such as plaid also knee high socks and long sleeved jumpers or shirts covered with a jumper was worn, f4b6af73164ae714b6c5d8eca0e18d21


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