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fded9312b0841aa0bfcbde49dfcd147fLooking at fashion now most of the style that is in fashion now is simple outfits with little detail such as the last picture shows a black and white T-shirt with white ripped jeans and a blue denim jacket the colours are kept simple but not to plain, I also think that most of these images only show heels which are worn but I think other shoes that are more likely to be worn with some of these outfits are loafers, nike airs, doc martins etc.

Fashion now I think mostly consists of people taking fashion inspiration from different era’s and re-creating them so they can be in style now, For example someone may take a 1990’s skirt and pair it with a 1960’s shirt so the style has been recreated into a new outfit, I also think fashion now is a way of expressing yourself visually how people see you is how others will most likely take there first opinion.


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