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ballyBally BalmainBalmain
emporio-armaniEmporio Armani

I found these images through inspirations > trends on The Blonde Salad’s blog there was a post about stripes being in trend I loved the colours on a lot of the images and I haves shown my favourite three they all vary but Balmain is my favourite the colours are bold and bright and the use of black stripes in some areas bring the colours out even more making the colours contrast perfectly with each other.

3U5A2032-683x1024CHLOE image24Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini


Luis Vuitton

I also looked into Chiara’s looks and found some looks which I like my favourite outfit was the CHLOE dress because I love the simplicity of the plain white dress but how the dress has some detail on it which made the dress individual, I think this dress could be dressed up or down I especially like the idea of wearing it in the day with a leather jacket and sandals in summer for an indie feel to the dress.




I found another post which was about printed shirts to wear this 2015 I LOVED this post because I love printed shirts I picked 3 images where are different to each other but all of them could be matched up with a pair of black jeans and look amazing. Out of all three my favourite is H&M this is because the use of three colours and how the pattern is being repeated looks more detailed than the other two designs as if more work has gone into designing the top and also it would be a much cheaper price to buy and still looks such good quality compared to Balmain and Versace

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