Christian Dior | New Look

5a7a71fa3fe4427214982818542c182f 245bfe14e8ba9c4800b6176f10a75392 83605abf8df2a6c6d7a1a08bf6a6ffdbChristian Dior revolutionised the way woman dressed by making clothes with a small waist and full bust, This meant woman had to wear sturdy hourglass garments to achieve the look that they needed. Dior loved the idea of using excess materials and came out with this idea from it, This is one of the most famous looks which led on into 1950’s fashion having similarities. The New Look did have a masculine edge but Christian Diors aim was for women to wear outfits that brought back femininity in fashion, he said “to bring back beauty, feminine clothing, soft rounded shapes and full flowing skirts’.


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