Fashion Designers & Influence’s in Era’s

To help with my FMP I have decided to focus on particular designers for each era some of them I have found more than one at most I only want to use three for each era and less if I can. I developed a timeline of when designers have been most influential.


Paul Poiret


Georges Doeuillet

 Maison Drecoll

Madeleine Cheruit

Jacques Doucet


Coco Chanel

Elsa Schiaparelli


Coco Chanel

Madeleine Vionnet

Madame Gres


Christian Dior


Hubert de Givenchy

Mary Quant

Emilio Pucci


Yves Saint Laurent

Oscar De la Renta

Leanne Lanvin


Ralph Lauren

Rei Kawakubo

Thierry Mugler

Vivienne Westwood


Christian Lacroix

Dolce and Gabbana

Giorgio Armani

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jimmy Choo


Christian Louboutin

Narcisco Rodriguez

Ralph Rucci



Tom Ford

Stella McCartney


Karl Lagerfield (Chanel since 1983) )H&M 2004 Hoogans and Macys 2011)

Michael Kors

Diane von Furstenberg

This is what I found after spending a while searching for famous fashion designers in each era, If I find another fashion designer I can add it into this timeline, This makes everything clearer for me to work knowing which fashion designers I can use and use and were. I am going to look into the fashion designers work each individually and pick my favourites so I can use only up to three peoples work to include in my FMP book.


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