Madame Grès |Madeleine Vionnet

Madame Gres most famously known for her perfect draping technique, I think she started to change the way dresses where being made adding layers to a dress and making her pieces individual from fashion designers before she came up with new concepts and created elegant and simplistic but initiative dresses, Nobody else was working in the style of Madame Gres. Her dress designs still get used today especially in the way they look I think her work is still recreated and used for events now such as weddings or formal events.39e26322e7a9426926ff814e2e316b72 56840cccf3d064908905d6857da36b79 f581922855fa3ec3535d90ac4a184986Madeleine Vionnet was similar in the way she designed to Coco Chanel she designed outfits so they where simple and fittingly comfortable for a woman to wear, However compared to Chanel, Vionnet didn’t publicise herself and only became known in the 1940’s when she retired.  I love  how she created dresses so that they have a natural fall on a woman’s body and show their real shape she also only uses two colours creating a dress a lighter and a darker shade to show the detail, As well as this she also adds decoration to her dresses such as the black dress has two layers the top layer has decoration on it which makes the dress stand out more.df33ac34ab89b29fab3b5a7a8258d875a71cc06ecace791b5938e930773a1ef8

when a woman smiles, her dress must smile with her.”- Madeleine Vionnet


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