Paul Poiret | Georges Doeuillet | Jaques Doucet

2dab5b3ac1f978fc42b1058aa9c814fb 11b5b812a1ccd23d2219d42df56996ad 181a14b7ad2ca5b582677d3c067441a3 bcb4c5484750a9c858fe0a1748cfa880This is some of Paul Poiret’s work I especially like the sketches that he has done when he’s been designing dresses as my FMP is about New Beginnings I think taking some of his sketches and recreating them digitally or adding colour to them using traditional methods is a good way to give a different outlook on his work. I could also take the patterns he has created for example the last image I could crop the dress in Adobe Photoshop and change the colours or add detail or create my own pattern using traditional or digital methods that is similar to his design.

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Georges Doeuillet was known for fashion from 1910 onwards, some of the images above show his work I think he wanted detail to be perfect to make the dresses he created elegant such as the different patterns used on one dress but all of a similar colour or using sequins and crystal beads he also would use the best material such as silk which meant the dress would fall and fit well on the person buying it. I think he made a legacy by adding sequins and crystal beads etc, to the clothing he produced and it’s still used today in the fashion industry on many clothes and accessories.

 85f7cf4d7b8e2370744907be1984dcd9 b3a766511f53fdab921b30f4efe2c90cadd12300835e06ea8e92a49d803a5f9d

Jaques Doucet’s work is similar to Georges Doeuillet as they both include detail in the dresses they have created such as sequins, However i think Jaques Doucet’s work is a lot more simple and elegant, However Art Deco was highly in fashion in the era of the 1910’s and the last dress is bold in showing that but she could’ve shown this through adding beads and sequins in her dresses for a more subtle look where as using material is a bold way of showing it.


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