Giorgio Armani | Versace

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I didn’t particularly look at Giorgio Armani’s designs I did look at the clothing but I focused on the image I especially like the top image and think it would be a good idea to use photography and create an image similar to this if I didn’t create an image I could do a sketch of this but add colour in so the image looked more contemporary.

8b31a72b65d5c4e462389aa722a7fb07 3519c574f42fd47b26bd542768ae41b1 91449832f8fdc6f57a53cc838bbdc946Versace was one of the most well known designer brands in the nineties and is still popular today, They where known especially for their supermodel’s I like the clothes they use especially as even though some of their designs use different patterns they go together. I also like how they showed their black and white designs most black and white designs stayed simple with the image normally having a grey back drop to it so the detail on the clothes where bolder and also showed the models shape off more especially in the bottom image stripes show curves in your body and by using a grey back drop emphasises the stripes more.


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