Hubert de Givenchy | Emilio Pucci

Hubert de Givenchy became well known in the 1950’s for his light floor-length skirts and stunning blouses he was also well as this he became friends with Audrey Hepburn who most famously debuted his most famous design the sack dress which she wore in the famous film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. His inspiration for this dress was the era of the 1920’s how flappers dressed but he showed this in a more elegant way and got rid of feathers that would be used on the dress and kept it plain and simple. The dress created a mystery about a woman’s body as the dress abandoned the waistline he also wanted woman to show off there legs more and giving his dress a raised hemline ae2f3c192ab78fee02313578bd4df7e9223250a735c92a5fe95d5982ef79a4f9 dac79574857229fd7ae0a5a3abd000bb

Emilio Pucci is a designer who I love he uses a lot of colour an pattern in her work its different from most what I have seen up to now, His designs are creative and they’re bold which was especially what he was known for, The excitement and elegance he created in making his dresses made his famous for what he did, Many celebrities would also wear his designs such as Grace Kelly and Halle Berry. He is one of the most creative fashion designers in the world and will always be known for shaping the fashion industry in a fun yet sophisticated looks.020_emilio-pucci_theredlist fa5aaa5b38380b869177db0987de6037

Emilio Pucci from margotfilm on Vimeo.


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