Oscar de la Renta | Christian Lacroix

Live at Oscar de la Renta from Jessica Repetto on Vimeo.

I found a video on vimeo of Oscar de la Renta this shows an artist sitting and doing observation drawings, I do like his work but I think he’s just another fashion designer, However the end of this video shows the outcome of what she was drawng and none of the drawing she did where perfect This made mer dislike what she had done but also helped me understand that drawings don’t have to be perfect they still send a clear message across although its not been drawn for hours.

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¬†Christian Lacroix has some work from the 1980’s that I like his sketches are quite different he extends certain areas of the body in the image I have shown one of his sketches he has extended the legs to make them look longer and also made them really slim, This is another way which I could draw my sketches as I want them to have their own individuality and when people see this in my book it will make them notice and look at what the model in the sketch is weaering.


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