FMP | Evaluation| Research

For my FMP I have decided to do a book showing the history of fashion because of this I found videos and images of fashion and showed how fashion changed throughout the years. I also looked at The Blonde Salad’s website she is interested in fashion and she updates whats in fashion now but she also had different parts to her website which showed her looks and Inspiration for shopping. By creating a blog post about her I have shown what and which parts of her work that I like.  I also followed Sincerely Jules she has worked for the likes of Teen Vogue, ELLE magazine etc; I found her helpful to follow because she like The Blonde Salad had different parts of her site which showed her work, collaborations and what she liked to wear, I showed her work through my blog, this has helped me see style that is in fashion today and what trends are popular at the moment.

I then began to research fashion designers I started from 1900 and led up to now, I created a timeline to show who I was researching, Once this was done I created separate blog posts with at least two fashion designers from the same era, this made it easier for me to compare who I liked better. When I completed the research I went back and shortlisted six designers to use for my FMP book the designers I chose was: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfield, Diane von Furstenberg. I like these designers because their work is creative and has had an impact on the fashion industry in some way. I also think all the designers that I have chosen to use are different and because of this my book won’t have similar outcomes most will be different and have their own uniqueness.

Along with doing research I have also planned what is going to go on each page I haven’t chose or planned the layout but I  have some ideas for what they’re going to look like. I also want to use three of the designers logo’s to be spread across two pages up to now I have decided its going to be Coco Chanel, Emilio Pucci and Christian Dior but that could change if my idea doesn’t work. I also have a rough idea of where they will be placed in my book.

By doing this research it has helped give me a clearer idea to what my outcome will be like. Page set ups I don’t have the exact idea of what I want everything to look like but as I start to create my concepts I will have a better idea in mind of what their outcome will be. I feel I can begin to start my concepts now with confidence knowing the outcome will be of a high standard to finally add into my FMP book.


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