Stella McCartney |Karl Lagerfeld

Stella McCartney Spring 2015 Presentation from Stella McCartney on Vimeo.

Stella McCartney is one of the most well known fashion designers of today, She became popular in 1997 when she was appointed creative director of Chloe, her first line had sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity. From this she has gone on to creating her own line and working with the likes of Adidas and Gucci. She operates her own fashion house with Gucci she now shows her work in over 50 countries.

I picked a newer video than I wanted as I thought early 2000 would have been appropriate but from watching this video, I like the creativity in her designs and how she has been creative in making her designs with different patterns on one design but also making it work because the colours fit well together and stand out, I think people on the high street would wear most of her designs as they aren’t too daring but they are unique from a lot of other outfits seen, Her outfits would be an investment but could also always be worn day and night and in years to come.



karl-lagerfeld0100f7e197aa24196dd1964ca60fbf9377 d2a3924a756545d9dd06db69413d1ae4Karl Lagerfeld is famously known for taking over Chanel However he also has his own line and works with brands such as H&M, Fendi, Chloè etc. I used Pinterest to see what I could find although he does a lot of work I couldn’t find much of it I took the images I liked and pinned them, I think from looking at his work I can see Karl Lagerfield normally keeps his outfits simple and the colours simple, Many of his designs will be black and white but if colour is used it’s different tones or for example he would use pink and match it with a standard colour such as black or white.

However his work for Fendi is more creative and his Spring/Summer 2015 collection shows this, I still think he does match his outfits up with the same colour accessories and breaks colours by using white or black so they stand out more; Out of most fashion designers I think Karl Lagerfield’s Fendi line people would wear and be happy to invest in his designs because they could be worn a lot and will always be in trend even if you bought something from his collection a long time ago it would still be in fashion because he works for now but also with the future in mind.


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