Fabric Pens

IMG_3276IMG_3279 IMG_3281IMG_3284 IMG_3285    IMG_3292 IMG_3296IMG_3306IMG_3314 IMG_3315On Friday Shirley gave me fabric pens (thank you!!) she also gave me a sheet of silk for material to try and experiment on. I have begun using this to create small areas of patterns I love them but they take time and some of the colours bleed in with another but from the designs I have done, I really like them. I haven’t got a design as exact as I want to if I get one that I think is successful enough I will photograph it and I would only want to slightly edit it to add into my FMP

I also think another idea which could work well is using tie dye and then using the black pen to create patterns on a T-shirt, I think that would look nice and would be an amazing traditional experiment to try and hopefully have an effective outcome.


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