Old Type and Magazine Cover…

KAY illust textScreen Shot 2015-05-19 at 23.11.09IMG_2141

Over a year ago I came into college and had my first ever go at Adobe Illustrator I did the letters ABC traditionally and scanned them in I uploaded them on DaFont and then used them in illustrator. This is one of the pages I completed i did have more but i didn’t have any screenshots of images of them to show I found the file with the work I did.

i then also found the magazine front cover I did looking at it now is completely awful and I don’t like it one bit I have definitely learnt a lot since coming to college, Digitally and traditionally since the drawing is okay but I wouldn’t even think of using it for a final piece for work today

kay Mag to scale CROPPEDThis blog post has nothing to do with any of the work I’m doing at the moment, but my type work could link to Shirley’s Unit ¬†40 and 49 and my magazine cover could link into Amy’s unit 5 just to especially compare my work now to then to show how I have improved and my style of working may have changed.


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