Evaluation | Unit 12 | FMP

For final brief Unit 12 Computers in Art & Design the brief was to create a book, As it was FMP, I had control of what I wanted to do. The first thing that I did was decide on what I wanted to do I decided to do my book based on fashion but I had to have more of a concept so that my book wasn’t random and linked to the theme ‘New Beginnings I decided to do fashion through history, From deciding what my book was going to be, I decided I wanted to showcase my work through my blog, I think this was the best way to show my work as most of my work was going to be from digital. When I started to research into fashion I began by looking at videos on Vimeo and YouTube to see how fashion has been presented through videos I then linked the ones I thought where best onto my blog, After this I also found videos on Vimeo of fashion now this was useful to do as I could compare both of these blog posts and see what has changed and how. I shown fashion also through images as this is a quicker visual way to show how fashion has changed. I then followed fashion blogs such as Sincerely Jules and The Blonde Salad, I followed up the blogs through my to see their latest posts this helped to see how other people like to dress, I also followed their blogs as I particularly liked the way they where laid out and had different parts such as a travel side on Sincerely Jules helped me to see what she wore in different countries, The Blonde Salad also had apart of her blog which showed latest things that had happened in fashion such as fashion shows or what was in trend.

            From doing this research I decided that I wanted to pick fashion designers from 1900-2015 I created a timeline which took a long time to create as I wanted every designer to definitely be in that era I also made sure I had fashion designers which I liked and would want to do their work, This was because every person I found I was then going to blog about and compare their work to someone else that was in their particular era, This would then helped me see what work I liked and what fashion designers I wanted to pick from these blog posts.

Once I completed my blogs about every fashion designer I created another blog post where I picked a fashion designer from each era and explained why I picked these designers, The main reason I picked certain fashion designers was because it inspired me to create pieces of work which where going to be unique and a high standard to put into my book.

From also short listing the fashion designers I decided that doing fashion every 10 years wasn’t going to show big changes I kept to every 20 years as some of the fashion designers I wasn’t as interested in as others this also made sure that no pages where going to repeated and each had a new idea to it.

After this I planned the layout of the pages in my book some of my ideas changed throughout the project but this was during the beginning and I still used the fashion designers that I had chosen, At first I think my ideas where quite simple and some of them wasn’t going to showcase myself in my work, I used Pinterest to find fashion illustrations or patterns and even graphic design inspiration which inspired me to do different pieces. At first I planned my pages in my notebook but as I was almost certain of my page plans I wrote into my book what they where going to be I then started to do my concepts I did sketches, and experimented with patterns traditionally as I knew I wanted to use traditional for my work. Because I was 100 percent certain on some pages I started off with them first, The design I began with was Emilio Pucci I took a pattern that I had created traditionally and manipulated it in Adobe Photoshop the reason for this was because I liked the colour traditionally but editing it digitally I could experiment with brightness/contrast, Inverting and Hue/saturation, From the screenshots I took I explained in detail what I did to get my final outcome. I then from created my first page and that the best way to do my book was to complete each piece of work and place it in my book because I wouldn’t re-create work decided my blog was going to be the date and then say FMP so I could explain what work I had done for this day and what needed to be completed further on.

In my brief I planned that my Christian Dior page was next to be done I wasn’t fully sure on the outcome I wanted and because of this I used Pinterest to get inspiration I found an image of dresses which where created using flowers I took this into consideration and quickly sketched the outline of a body I then used flowers to create different pieces I started by using the flowers carefully placing them and as I went on the placement got messier and I began to scrunch and roll the petals to get a more full, messier effect, I then even took the petals and used them although they where a felt tip and used them to put colour onto a page.

Before I carried this on I had planned the right Christian Dior page I wanted into be digital but firstly I drew this traditionally and then scanned it in so I could open it in Adobe Photoshop I made an outline and got rid of the image so I could purely focus on the outline I had did I thought of the traditional drawing as a guideline to help me progress further on in Adobe Photoshop. I made this page quite simple and tried a complete white fill for the body and black background I then inverted this so I could see what it looked like opposite ways. Before going back into developing my designs I made sure to only focus on my pieces was to get my history pages out of the way, I had the six fashion designers I was going to use and began to do my history pages in Adobe InDesign I spent a day to complete these but had to go back to them in the future as I had little edits to do such as change the placement of the text and font size during the end of my project I did go back and check the images as the resolution should have been set at 300dpi but for some of the images I used 250dpi. I then replaced them into my Adobe InDesign document but some images had to be changed meaning my layout had to be changed this was slightly awkward but at least my images where going to look professional in my book and not pixilated. Even though I was slightly behind schedule of what I wanted to do this was only going to have to be done in the end before sending my book off, so it was best I sorted it when I knew so I didn’t stress before sending my book off. After this I began to sketch my Coco Chanel page out I wanted this done accurately I did this at home and took my time to complete it I still was slightly off with the logo but I edited this once in Adobe Photoshop, I also drew my Karl Lagerfeld drawing as I planned to begin this after my Coco Chanel page, I also knew I needed to create backgrounds I had planned ahead and knew I wanted to use wet tissue paper but in the end I thought a baby wipe can do the same job I used this but the baby wipe looked more effective than the piece of paper I photographed these images and put them onto my blog I also brought these into college so that I could scan them in and edit them in Adobe Photoshop, I decided that this could be a good front cover and also used this as on my left Coco Chanel page and my right Karl Lagerfeld page even though it was the same image they are all different and when looking at them you wouldn’t know it’s the same image, I also used another baby wipe and edited it so that it had more subtle colours and included this on one of my Christian Dior pages. I shown the editing process of my Coco Chanel page on my 4th may blog post in detail, Once this was done I placed it into Adobe InDesign and began my right Coco Chanel page, this was a quote which I found on pinterest it first said ‘Rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.’ As this wasn’t what I wanted I left it and carried on with what I had planned to do I edited my Karl Lagerfeld page and created a GIF to place on my blog to show how the colours change when doing Hue/Saturation I came out with three outcomes and compared them all the one which I liked most I included onto my Adobe InDesign document. The right page for Karl was going to say ‘Karl who?’ I went onto DaFont and as this gives me better fonts than the default ones included, I placed this text and edited the kerning and also took the ‘K’ out to be placed separate, as I wanted this slightly bigger than the other letters. I then added a baby wipe background on which I had changed to black and white this helped make my type stand out but the background is something people wont ignore as it isn’t simple its quite eye-catching but doesn’t overshadow the type or my drawing on the left page. I still had some time left to begin editing another page I went back and edited my Christian Dior page using the flower experiment that I had created I liked this outcome and before the end of the day had completed more than I wanted.

I did a blog post about Fabric pens as I had recently got them and began using them on a sheet of silk I explained how I liked to use them but because of the fabric the colours ran slightly and would go into other parts, I had a pattern however which I created and thought with some editing could be the right Emilio Pucci page this didn’t end up working out as it looked good in Adobe Photoshop and the resolution was set at 300dpi but when I placed it into Adobe InDesign it looked pixilated and as I looked and thought because I already had a pattern on one page and they didn’t look similar or join together and I didn’t like this. I stopped editing and decided that I was going to go back to doing another fabric pattern to include on my Emilio Pucci page. As it was near enough the end of the day I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete an edit so instead did my first and last page with type as I knew I could have one done and the other one placed, my first page is a quote from Karl Lagerfeld and says ‘black and white always looks modern whatever that word means.’ I then went on to plan the page out and did a black box, which covered the right, half of my page I placed this behind my text and made parts of the text, which were on the black side white. Even though most of the text was perfect some looked too joined together overshadowing one letter I used alt and my arrow keys to move one letter away or closer to the other so there was more spacing between them. Once I was happy I saved my Adobe InDesign file.

On Tuesday and Friday I checked over my Adobe InDesign document in detail and changed text boxes, image placing, box fills to make sure line stroke wasn’t on, All of this needed to be done as everything had to be perfect for when I uploaded it to Blurb to be sent off and I didn’t want a slight thin white line which wasn’t meant to be on a page, After all of this was done I opened Adobe Illustrator to do my new Coco Chanel quote this said ‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. –Coco Chanel’ I used the created my background using the fill box and adding black which covered the whole page I then added triangles using the polygon tool so that I could create triangles which where going to cover slightly more than half of the page, Even though this page wasn’t planned I love the outcome, as its so simple but structured making it an effective piece.

I was now completing pages in my book quicker and my pages where all starting to come together, I began to do re-do my Emilio Pucci right page I had found inspiration while on Pinterest of a shirt with a pattern on and a pattern behind it, I thought this was a good idea to complete for this page it was ato be more complex outcome, As the idea was fresh in my head I began to do it as quick as I could, I went back to using baby wipes and got red green and yellow watercolours, I then got a sheet of A4 paper and began to use the wipe to create a pattern, This worked effectively on the paper and the baby wipe, However I liked the baby wipe more because I got more texture, I uploaded an image to Pinterest and put it into my FMP board , When I was in college on Monday I started to do the page digitally I started by opening Adobe Illustrator and grabbing a template of a button up shirt I then made an outline of this and made a copy of this to be used on my clipboard, I locked the original one so it was safe and couldn’t be changed. When adding my pattern into Adobe Illustrator I had problems because it began to crash and was being slow so the amount of work I produced throughout the whole of Monday was little compared to the weeks before. As I had these problems I began to do my traditional Christian Dior page, It took me a while to do a drawing I was happy with I did some quick rough sketches which I knew I wasn’t going to use but I was going to help me produce a better final outcome because each drawing I did I changed the model’s position and even how I was drawing it. I then did a rough drawing of a model holding a had and a large New Look dress, I re-drew this so it was a more effective high standard, I took this into Adobe Photoshop as it was wasting time my computer crashing and stopping me from completing the work that had to be done. I opened Adobe Photoshop and did an outline of the drawing I had completed I then added black dots in as buttons for the dress and filled the belt and hat in because I was certain they where going to be black, After this I created a new layer so that I could fill in my drawing with colour I first of all wanted a yellow dress with a slight pattern in, However this mixed in with the skin colour too much when I added the skin in a new layer, From this I decided to use a light pink would be a feminine outcome and add colour to my Christian Dior page, I was happy using pink for the colour of the dress because my outcome was effective I flattened my image and used the free transform tool to make my drawing slightly bigger and move it down so having no legs in the image didn’t look out of place, I then placed this into Adobe InDesign and my Christian Dior page was complete. I decided to not use my flower experiment image as for some reason I didn’t like it anymore I did think it was effective I just think after looking at it once it wasn’t something I wanted to look at again.

I then went back into editing my Emilio Pucci page before the end of the day and completing an outcome which was ready to be placed into Adobe InDesign, However, when it came to doing this it didn’t look as effective as I would have liked, In the end this led me to going back into Adobe Illustrator and shutting every other software I had open to see if this stopped my computer from crashing so much, This did help even though it was slow I got the image done and even added more detail to my shirt and added a shadow to do this I chose effect > stylise > Drop Shadow. This was something so simple but added a 3D effect to my work and enhanced the right page. I placed this into Adobe InDesign and decided that I was going to keep the background simple as the top stood out and when adding it into my Adobe InDesign document it worked well with the left page because they both stood out and although the pages where meant to be joined for example I could have seen my page in a magazine promoting a new Emilio Pucci Shirt line, this was a simple but effective two pages

On the 21st May I began to start my Diane von Furstenberg pages and my Giorgio Armani pages I wanted them to be complete by the end of the day so that I could be ready to upload my book on Friday, I began by doing my Giorgio Armani pages.

I had a plan to do his face but as if it was coming out through a wall to do this I used the polygon tool to create triangles I would make sure that they where joined and click copy and paste so that it went into their own layer I spent an hour trying to get this perfect but in the end it didn’t work out the way that I wanted so I took a picture from one of Armani’s catwalks and did the same thing, This took me about fifteen minutes to complete I think the reason for this was because I had already been experimenting in how to use it that I had a rough idea which made it quicker to complete in the end, before saving my file I checked the resolution which was set at 200 I changed this to 300 and experienced no problems when it changed I then saved my file and placed it into Adobe InDesign. I also had a sketch to do for Giorgio Armani I started this because it was going to take the longest to complete I did this in Adobe Photoshop and although I am happy with the outcome I think out of every piece I produced is the least effective and if I had more time I could’ve came up with another idea but I wasn’t sure on what to do. I then did my Diane page I had already started this on Tuesday and began to complete it, Once completed I added into Adobe InDesign so that I could do the quote for Diane I kept this so simple and did one font but changed some so it was italic and some so that it was bold as two fonts together can sometimes not work but using one on it own and changing it so that it has similarities and doesn’t look too different. On Friday I started by doing my front and back cover I called my book Fashion | Graphics and used a baby wipe for my front cover but changed the brightness, contrast and slightly highered the Hue/Saturation so that it was more blue.

In conclusion I have liked doing FMP as it has pushed me to improve my skills on software’s and helped me to understand that experimenting to make sure my work is something I find of a high standard which I couldn’t change as its an effective piece. I am happy with the book that I have produced because even though my ideas wasn’t exactly clear in the beginning they have became clear throughout the project and I have made pieces which I never thought I would do in the beginning.


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