Fabric Pens | Experimentation


This is another example of patterns that I have created on my sheet of silk I think this is similar to one of my other designs, However this is slightly smaller, I am showing this piece of work to show the similarities to my other design my purpose for each design was to make each one unique but have a high standard outcome, As I didn’t plan beforehand with my designs not all of them where going to be perfect and some would vary but if I was going to carry on with this design and still use the other design that I created I would’ve overlaid this pattern with something else maybe more focused such as flowers but because I have used a lot of colour in this design the most appropriate colour to have used, I think that this pattern relates to Emilio Pucci as its got a lot of vibrant colours and then break down points However Pucci’s designs now are more complicated so this relates to his older work from around the 1960’s.


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