Fabric Pens | Experimentation

I did some small experiments on my sheet of fabric, the purpose of this was so my sheet was full with experiments but also to see if any outcomes came out that could work on any type clothing, This is one of the outcomes that I got this is an outcome which I like and I don’t know why, I could see this working on a T-shirt in the same colour just working as a repeated pattern, This is an outcome you could like or hate, I do think this shirt is effective but would be a T-shirt that people would either love or hate.IMG_8355I wanted to do this pattern really simply I took a black pen and made this shape this could be stretched to make a background for a T-shirt vector or could be used as a repeated pattern, I think this is one of the simplest ways to get an effective outcome especially if this was taken into Adobe Phtoshop and then repeated in Adobe Illustrator, The purpose of this was so that I could experiment simply and see how a design can work even though not a lot of work has gone into it.


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