Fabric Pens | FMP

IMG_3435IMG_3343 IMG_3341IMG_3388

I started to create more patterns using my fabric pens I think that I hadn’t produced any pieces which I really liked and could see on anything too professional I wasn’t sure what to do but I knew what I was trying to create was too focused I took my black pen and did random lines across the page I then starting to colour it in using the rest of the colours this wasn’t planned to be an effective outcome but out of all the work that I have produced on the sheet this is my favourite, I could see this being on a T-shirt, a bag/Purse, a skateboard or a pattern included on shoes. I carried out this experiment to see how doing patterns traditionally straight onto a fabric would work out, the purpose of this was to see how my pens worked when adding them onto fabric I used a silk sheet to produce my patterns independently this is a more imaginative way of producing patterns as I’m not being able to edit it on Adobe Photoshop and then take it onto a T-shirt to see if I like it, With this experiment I can’t make any changes, the worst thing about this experiment was even though the fabric was smooth the pens ran and would sometimes mix together. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to use the black pen to create an outline and then fill in my pattern with different colours.
fabric-pens2I have also created a GIF  even though its quite pixilated I think this makes it more vivid and adds to the effect of the outside the way its glowing outwards.


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