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img_8380I sent my book off to blurb about a week ago, I got told that it would be here for the 5th June which was the deadline, My book turned up early and came on the 1st June, I am so happy with the outcome, Every page I’ve done is different, There is two minor problems two of my pages one is research has a lighter black than it should’ve printed but it doesn’t look bad as it doesn’t compare with a darker black also my 1950’s New Look page looks like it has a lighter black for a border but I didn’t notice this until the second time looking. There is also two sentences jumbled up but as long as the illustrations and typographic designs I have done are perfect, I couldn’t complain about any as the resolutions and placement was perfect and had no problems.

With my book being here my Unit 12 project is finally finished I have enjoyed this project as I have been able to have more control of what happens to my work and learnt new skills so that I would be able to produce outcomes that I wanted, I also had to judge if the page I had completed was good enough and had to decide if I was going to carry on or get rid of it and come up with a new drawing.


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