Rihanna & Puma

Rihanna has joined Puma becoming women’s creative director and ambassador for the brand.

Above is a sneak peak advert it doesn’t show much but from this I think she hasn’t designed anything yet but from sources on the internet she is planned to design 26 products and in 2016 release her own line with Puma.

Since Rihanna was announced as Puma’s new creative director sales have increased up to 7.6%, However Puma are paying Rihanna over one million dollars to work with them so in the short term they are making a loss of 3.3 million. Puma are rumoured to be paying this because they don’t want her wearing rival brands.

As for her selling her own clothing line this won’t be out until 2016 so its not completely known if her designs will sell well, but from the information I have found on her just wearing there clothes and doing an advertisement, I think the collection she brings out will be successful as she is such a high influenced artist.

I think that Puma can help Rihanna to create a successful collection when its brought out in 2016, but as for her being creative director for women’s wear I don’t think it will last because she may not be directly working with them and as a creative director she should be able to explain her ideas and then let other designers do the work and narrow it down for puma to then officially make.  On the other hand Rihanna’s influential status will boost sales for Puma especially being in adverts such as the one I have linked in this blog isn’t officially out but already people will have heard about her working with the brand and want to buy the designs created.

I think Rihanna’s collaboration is similar to Rita Ora’s designs with Adidas, However, I think Rita Ora has had more input in creating the designs were as Rihanna will be more likely to chose the designs to go forward and not be working with Puma as closely as she could be to get her final designs. However, Rihanna working with Puma will be successful but I don’t think it will last longer than three years as Puma will have to change advertisements and not only use her to influence people into buying there designs, On the other hand Puma will incorporate Rihanna’s music into there advertisements and the high status of their brand will make her music more well known. However, I also think Rihanna has more than just Puma to work with just like Rita Ora but as she won’t be as involved the project won’t be taken on for a long period of time. I also think when disagreements happen while designing both will want a successful outcome but some of the outcomes won’t be as good as what they could be especially if not working closely together as Rihanna could love a T-shirt she’s designed but Puma say that it won’t be successful but the argument will be more one sided and less compromising, leading to less successful outcomes than what Rita Ora would have from working closely with Adidas.


One thought on “Rihanna & Puma

  1. Try to summarise your findings. This collaboration is not necesserly about skills, but advertisement and brand power. Rihanna is an influential artist, but what can Puma do for her? Do you think this will be a successful collaboration? can you compare it to another, similar collaboration?


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