Rita Ora & Adidas

Rita Ora has created designs from T-shirts to shoes with Adidas to form a collection. There is five different strands to the collection the first brought out was Black, then followed Pastel, Colourblock Packs, Spray and Roses.

The products on the website are sold from around £20 – £90 this was the average price but some shoes were being sold for slightly higher especially high top shoes for £95.

There was no profit for what Rita Ora made with Adidas alone but along with other collaborative deals she has made such as DKNY, Rimmel, Calvin Klein, Rita Ora has made around £1.2 million in profit.

Using the adidas website I looked at best sellers to see which products have been sold best that she has designed.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.27.52AA3863_01_laydownS81609_01_standard S81619_01_standard
 I have noticed that a lot of the best selling products use colour quite simply black normally mixed with white, I think these particular designs have been effective because they’re simple but they look more professional than patterns and they could also be widely worn more than patterned items.


There was one item on the best sellers which was patterned that has sold out this was a jacket shown in the image above. I think the reason for this may be only a certain amount of these where made so the products sold quicker.

The bad thing about Rita Ora’s collection with Adidas is that there is a wide range of products to be sold therefore as there isn’t only five items being sold its harder to sell out, I also think that some of the patterned designs are so bold that people on high street are to afraid to wear them, This could be one of the reasons why the simpler items sell better.

As for Rita Ora being involved with the work she had five hour meetings every two weeks, she looked through mood boards, One of the strands in the collections is based on one of her dove tattoos, I think Rihanna’s work with Puma is similar from Rita Ora’s with Adidas, but Rita Ora has more involvement from the patterns, colours texture etc,working with Adidas as there more open for her ideas than what Rihanna is going to have with Puma because she’s more likely to work closer to Adidas for her outcomes. I think because Adidas are allowing Rita Ora to be more freely creative in whats being designed to get the design outcomes that she wants rather than her just choosing designs what she likes to be put forward. Overall, Rita Ora will bring a diverse approach to the designs that Adidas would normally do and even though there may be some disagreements both the designers for Adidas and Rita Ora will work out a compromise for the design that they are completing, I think both will have a fair say on what the designs going to be like and if there is a disagreement they could both argue there points while working closely to work out an outcome for the design.

Rita Ora being with Adidas will help there sales be boosted as normally Adidas is quite plain with there designs pattern wise but from Rita’s collection its widening the fashion side especially for women who want to wear more gym wear thats in trend and isn’t plain. I think this collaboration will be more successful than Rihanna working with Puma because there is more involvement from the beginning and although Rita is involved with other brands she’s highly involved. Rita will also be helping Adidas by wearing the brand and promoting Adidas to people who are influenced by her. Adidas will also help Rita with there brand power by using her as a model for their designs or by using music in the background. In conclusion I think that this brand will last and be successful but I think only in the short term but in the long term for both Adidas and Rita Ora there work will be more widely known to other audiences they may have never reached before.


2 thoughts on “Rita Ora & Adidas

  1. Overall I think that this is a very good and informative post. You have clearly taken things like colour into consideration and have even taken the public under consideration when you said that people might be too afraid to wear patterned clothes which I haven’t really done in my post. Again, good work!


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