Nivea Men – Liverpool Football Club

I think this post is really good as it shows both positive and negatives and shows by having Liverpool promote their brand has increased their profit. I think you have taken espeically profit into consideration more than me.



Since the advert has been aired it has become one of the most recognised skin care names across the globe. The average price is £2 to £3 and has made a profit due to the collaboration which the profit of the Nivea cream has shared values between Liverpool Football Club and Nivea which is a profit for both of the companies.


Due to LFC doing the advert it has lost some customers because not everyone supports Liverpool so they find it ‘bias’ and fans have said they could have seen other teams mixed within the advert.

Overall i think that the joint collaborations has worked well and if they did do a joint collaboration with other clubs I think it should work just as well if not better which all improve everything drastically.

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