Rita Ora & Adidas | Rihanna & Puma

I looked at collaborations Rihanna and Puma, and Rita Ora with Adidas.

From researching and looking into both of these collaborations I personally think the most successful is Rita Ora because from the designing process shes involved, Whereas even though Rihanna has become ‘Creative Director’ she is leaving the hard work to the designers and picking final pieces which she will then advertise by wearing and be in advert promotions.

I think Puma have made a mistake especially by taking her on as creative director because it wont last in the long term for the short term however, it will boost the amount of people buying there brand and higher the brands status because someone so influential is wearing there designs.

I think Adidas have made a good decision in introducing Rita Ora’s line as she has different strands that have been released which shows diversity and also will then reach out to wider consumers. I also think that because Rita has more involvement the designs are her own.

However I still think both of these collaborations wont last in the long run but will introduce more customers in the long term because more people will know about the brand than what did before. It will also help the designers of Puma and Adidas to get a wider outlook on designs they could make in the future to make them more individual.


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