#Fail | Idea 1

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Our first idea was to re-design the Michael Jordan logo by bending and placing the cutlery together to make the model, We still wanted it to be obvious that the idea in mind was that this was still formed from Cutlery, We placed cutlery on to the image we had already printed this made it easier for us to get a better picture into our mind of what we wanted the final outcome to be. We used the workshop we placed the knife in the vice we tried to tighten it but it didn’t work. Because of this, We then used heat and pliers to begin to try bend the cutlery again, This was also better because we would have more control, However the heat wouldn’t work as both of the tools that we used didn’t work so it wasn’t making it reliable to snap and mould; We went back to the vice and tightened again to see if we would get any movement but from the last picture you can see its failed completely.Even though we still wanted this outcome and idea to happen we had limited possibilities to what we could do,In the end we rang a blacksmith’s but they wouldn’t let us use there space and said the only other way was if we bought a blow torch, this would be expensive to do and it still may not even work out the way we want.

Me and Bart then went back to thinking of ideas as Becky was in photography this was hard but none the less we stuck our heads together and worked out an idea which we really liked. The end result completely changed and we now everything planned especially for the outcome of the poster being A3. If the M.J idea worked the outcome would have been simple, We planned to use a grey backdrop, The Michael Jordan model that we made and we where going to find the font Nike uses for “Just do it.” and change it to “Just do it, Its simple.” Along with this we were going to stick to strict guidelines and use the Kerning, Leading, Point size that Nike normally uses so it wasn’t being branded differently from the way they normally would anyway.


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