Unit 18: Collaborative Working in Art & Design

I got paired up with Bart and Becky for Unit 18 “Whats in the box.” We chose out of a box an item we got given Cutlery we then got given a Brand which was Nike, A word which was “Simple” and an outcome, We got three one is a portrait A3 poster, Landscape Billboard and a magazine front cover.

We were challenged with one of the most challenging products but I think our group have worked well in coming up with ideas because compared to other groups our object is a little more unusual, and especially because we have to think outside the box with the idea where coming up with it makes piecing each part together slightly harder. However, Since being given these items we have came up with some ideas on how to use Cutlery to promote Nike, we all made a mind map each of what Cutlery is and shared ideas even if we didn’t think they were going to have an amazing outcome as it could lead to something else, some of the words used was bold, Sharp and solid. From figuring out these words we came up with an idea which we wanted to do for the final this was the first and what we thought was best however it didn’t all go to plan…

Firstly coming up with an idea was really quick we decided to do a watch using the forks, we really liked the idea but this meant that we were making Nike a product which isn’t what the brief is aimed to do; Coming to realisation that this was the wrong thing to do we went back to mind mapping ideas so that we could effectively plan new ideas together.

(To explain what happened next I’m going to create another blog post so I can explain in detail.)


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