Unit 18 | Nike | Collaboration Project

A woman made the Nike tick she is called Carolyn Davidson she was a Graphic design student, Davidson asked her to help with deciding the logo for blue ribbon inc, When she designed the logo Davidson said “Well I don’t love it, but maybe it will grow on me.” Carolyn got paid $35 roughly £22.

Carolyn worked for years with Nike but retired to be a freelancer because of the impact she had for the brand they presented her a ring engraved with the nike tick.

From the design being made in 1971 the design cost $35 dollars to be made which is now worth $643,035.

Nike is the 18th most popular brand in the world worth $26.3 billion, However, no competitors are above it the only other shoe brand which is above Nike is Luis Vutiton, but there shoe designs are completely different to Nike as there a sports brand.

The competition Nike has is the likes of Adidas and Puma Adidas was the 83rd most popular worth $6.8 billion but compared to Nike there’s no competition on who’s at the “Top of the food chain.”

One of my partners Becky has also made a blog post on the Nike logo so I have tried to include different information about Nike so we can both get more information from this.


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