Kanye West | Nike

A collaboration I found that would be good to compare to Bart’s blog post about Kanye West and Adidas is Kanye West and Nike.

The Nikes where highly anticipated and sold at retail price of $245 however on sites such as Ebay for up to $7,500.

Nike had no problem with spending money to make Kanye West’s ideas come to life with the revenue of $25.3 billion.

As for trying to find if Nike made a profit from this collaboration, there is no information saying if they did but from knowing the Yeezy’s sold out in 11 minutes I think they made a profit, I do however know that Nike wouldn’t give Kanye a share as they said he wasn’t an athlete like Michael Jordan; Kanye’s response was “They try telling me people ain’t out lining up for Yeezy’s.”

I think this is partly why Kanye West moved to Adidas to do a new collaboration because he felt like he ‘suffocated’ with Nike but with Adidas he had ‘Oxygen.’ This gives me the idea that Kanye west is more involved with Adidas and is able to do more work and be involved in the creation of the design.

In my opinion from looking at the Adidas collaboration I agree with Bart this isn’t going to be long term but I think that Kanye West’s look of the shoe with Adidas is a lot better and is something I would personally rather wear Kanye and Adidas rather than Nike and Kanye west. The Adidas shoe in my eyes looks a lot more professional and the design looks more creative and although both Adidas and Kanye West have worked together so that everyone is happy there is a successful outcome


Adidas x Kanye West
imagesNike x Kanye West


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