What is my role? | Unit 18

For our first project back we got given “Whats in the box.” Our team was me, Bart and Becky, the reason for this was so we had one person for each role.

I took on Graphic Designer I am able to take on designs and edit them in software such as Adobe Photoshop which will help lead to our final outcomes. Along with this I also said I would work within Adobe Illustrator and I would add any music if any of our outcomes needed it or to add into the presentation.

Bart took on being Creative Director as he is more confident in voicing his opinions and he is also really good in Adobe Photoshop so he could help me. Bart also decided he was going to be the model for the photo-shoots.

Becky was the Photographer in the group she was the only person allowed with a camera to take photos, Becky also had the role of being in charge of colour management as because she’s a photographer she see’s colour a lot better than me and Bart.

As a group we want to work as the strongest team we can, we are all going to take our strengths to help each other not only in this project but to improve in our work individually for future projects.


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